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Caravan Repairs


When called out for a repair, we charge a callout fee, which covers travel to the customers location and the first 30 minutes labour to carry out the repair.

We will always endeavour to complete the repair within this time. Thereafter, a half-hourly rate applies.

Leaks & Damp

Caravan gas bottle and valve

Most leaks can be repaired, however the subsequent damp needs to be caught as early as possible, to prevent any long-term damage.

If the location of the damp / leak is identified, then we would propose overseal in the area of the fault.

Overseal can also be carried out over most joins of the caravan as prevention to leaks as well. This is recommended for older caravans, and caravans that are regularly used in wet/poor weather conditions.

When oversealing a van, we will remove any old sealant, cleaning the required areas, before applying new sealants.

Oversealing is best carried out in good weather conditions, and time taken is generally between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the tourer. In some cases damp cannot be cured without the replacement of full panels, we will always advise you of the best option and at the very least, prevent the problem worsening.

Floor delamination

A picture of a caravan Trumatic Heater

This occurs when the floor covering and the filling has disintegrated or separated. Sometimes caused as a result of general wear and tear, heavy use areas (e.g. doorways & sink areas), or general damage.

The process of repair used is carried out over two days. Day 1 involves the preparation and application of the repair chemicals to re-seal the floor areas. The chemicals require 24 hours to set, and therefore, day 2 involves the tidying, relaying of carpet and making good the area for use.

Other work

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