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GA Caravan Services

Caravan Service Schedule

Below is an outline of some of the checks we carry out.
This is not a full or short service.

A full service schedule will be supplied on completion of the test.

Caravan servicing
  • Damp meter test
  • Sealants, windows and locks
  • Skylights, handles and trims
  • Water systems, Gas systems and appliances
  • Lighting, 12 volt and 240 volt and heating
  • Tyres, brakes, lights and seals

Please contact us for further information -

GA Caravan Services
Caravan Servicing and Inspection approved workshop
The Camping and Caravaning Club
The Caravan Club
The National Caravan Club

GA Caravan Services - Derbyshire

t: 01332 391 163 - m: 07918 666 561

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